• One Grand Blitz Wax is the ULTIMATE in carnauba paste wax. Each can is handcrafted today by the same family that started One Grand in 1933. It produces a deep, durable, clear finish which protects against all the harmful elements. The easiest paste wax you will ever use and when applied on top of Omega Glaze produces a shine unsurpassed in the industry. Blitz Wax will not yellow, can be layered, and protects the vehicle from water spotting. Contains no abrasives or cleaners. This is our favorite wax for a vehicle that is used daily. 

10 oz can.

OG101WA   List $17.35   Our Price $14.95

15 oz can.

OG102WA   List $22.35   Our Price $18.95


  • One Grand Omega Glaze is one of the finest hand glazes available. Use prior to applying One Grand Blitz Wax for really deep and durable shine. Omega Glaze removes swirl mark and fine scratches while it feeds the paint with essential oils. Highly recommended for black and red finishes.

16 oz bottle.

OG103CL   List $12.50   Our Price $10.95


  • A non-abrasive cleaner for today's clear coat finishes. One Grand Special Touch removes water spots, overspray, fallout, and is an excellent all around deep cleaning product for neglected automotive finishes. Follow with Omega Glaze then with Blitz Wax for a showroom new finish. Can be used by hand or machine.

16 oz bottle.

OG104CL   List $12.50   Our Price $10.95


  • A spray on, wipe off paint detailer that adds shine and slickness to a finish that is well kept and maintained. One Grand Show-Off is a special formulation of gloss enhancers and liquid waxes that give your car a "just waxed look". Great for removing light water spots, fingerprints and smudges. Show-Off also extends the life of the wax, and reduces polishing and waxing frequency. Our favorite product for quick detailing.

16 oz bottle w/sprayer.

OG107QD   List $9.95   Our Price $8.95


  • A solvent for removing road tar, wax, gum, bugs, and tree sap from paint and glass. If used on paint, wash thoroughly then follow up with a coat of Blitz Wax. Try One Grand Tar, Gum & Wax Remover for removing gum and tar from carpet and cloth upholstery. 

16 oz bottle.

OG106CL   List $6.95   Our Price $6.25 


  • A liquid, non-ammoniated glass cleaner that will not streak, smear or leave a film on glass. One Grand Glass Cleaner works on all glass surfaces and factory tinted windows.

16 oz spray bottle.

OG105GP   List $5.95   Our Price $5.50


  • Clean, polish and condition plastics, lexan, plexiglas and acrylics with One Grand Plastic Polish & Conditioner. Clears yellowing with amazing clarity and adds oils to the plastic to prevent crystallizing and cracking. Use on gauge faces, convertible rear windows, tail light lenses, bug shields, motorcycle windshields and other plastic surfaces. The uses are endless! 

16 oz bottle.

OG109GP   List $11.25   Our Price $9.95


  • A spectacular liquid metal polish that cleans and protects aluminum billet wheels, diamond plate, stainless, brass & copper. One Grand Metal 300 is easier to use and will give the metal a superior shine and deeper luster than any cream. Best of all, it contains no harmful acids.

16 oz bottle.

OG110CL   List $16.50   Our Price $13.95


  • One Grand Sponge Applicators are excellent for applying Blitz Wax and Omega Glaze, as well as rubber and vinyl dressings. Will not scratch a painted surface.

 Yellow Foam, 4" in diameter.

OG108TO   List $1.00   Our Price $.75


  • Our exclusive One Grand Blitz Wax Kit, which contains all the essential components for the prefect Blitz Wax shine. This kit offers a substantial savings. Here's what's included:
  • Blitz Wax (10 oz can)

  • Omega Glaze (16 oz bottle)

  • Special Touch (16 oz bottle)

  • (2) 4" Foam Wax Applicators

Blitz Wax Kit

OG101KT     List $44.35     Our Price $37.95